Rev. Jeremy Watson

Jeremy feels privileged to begin his ordained ministry life at St James in Dandenong. He was ordained deacon in February 2017, after theological studies at Ridley College, a student placement in Diamond Creek, and various ministries in the Salvation Army. He grew up mostly in Adelaide, studying Telecommunications Engineering at Adelaide University and working in IT for two years before beginning theological studies in 2011.

He was raised in a Christian family, and yet it was at University that the crucified and risen Lord Jesus took control of his heart and life-direction. Jeremy continues to support student ministry, and yet during his formation at Ridley College he began to love the New Testament’s vision of the church. This led him to pursue pastoral ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, of which he is thrilled to be a newcomer in this great team.

As an evangelical Christian, Jeremy loves helping people to see how the death and resurrection of Jesus transforms our whole lives as we grow in him through the Scriptures. He is also aware of how much he still has to learn as he embarks on the great journey that is the Christian life (let alone, vocational ministry). Having moved into the suburb in January 2017, he is also enjoying getting to know the culinary and cultural delights of cosmopolitan Dandenong. Please come and introduce yourself to Jeremy next time you are at St James.