Accredited Literacy Classes at St. James'




Accredited Language and Literacy Classes at St James’


Neighbourhood Language & Literary Cluster of Greater Dandenong







Preliminary Spoken & Written English (10361 NAT)






9.00 – 1.00

1.30 – 3.30

12.45 – 3.30



Certificates in Spoken and Written English (CSWE Level I 10362 NAT)





9.00–12.00; 12.30–3.00

9.15–12.15; 12.45–3.00

9.15–12.15; 12.45–3.00



Certificates in Spoken and Written English (CSWE Level II 10363 NAT)




9.15 – 12.15

12.45 – 3.00




Fees for Concession Card holders $60.00 per year for 15 hours per week.

Telephone: 03 9574 6399

Worship at St James

Worship at St James – Mild Anglo-Catholicism

Worship at St James is traditional Anglican worship in the Catholic Tradition.  This means we follow the current prayer book, (A Prayer Book for Australia, 1995); our ministers robe; there are candles on the altar, and each Sunday and Wednesday we celebrate the Eucharist, also known as Holy Communion.

Why is the Eucharist so important at St James?

We believe that Eucharistic best reflects the whole range of Christian life and experience.  We are part of the family of the Church and so, as a family, we gather for a family “meal” weekly.   We celebrate all that God has done for us as we read four readings from scripture, namely

  • An Old Testament reading
  • A psalm portion
  • A reading from a letter of Paul or other New Testament book
  • A Gospel reading


So in that we honour the scriptures so intentionally, we are truly evangelical in the real sense of that word.

Then the preacher for the day gives a talk or sermon based on the readings after which we pray for the world and the church, and then for forgiveness of our sins.

After we have prayed our Vicar or other priest will lead us in the celebration of the Eucharist.  In the Eucharist we recall the last supper when Jesus commanded his followers to “Do this in remembrance of me”. [Luke 22:19]  By faith we experience Jesus’ presence when we come to his table and eat and drink the bread and wine.  Through participating in the sacrament of Holy Communion and through hearing and responding to God’s word in our worship we are strengthened to continue to live lives pleasing to God.

All are welcome to join us.


St.James’ Tots - Play Group

As an outreach to meet the needs of parents and grandparents with pre-schoolers St.James’ Tots meets every Friday, 9.30 a.m. – 11.30 a.m. during school terms.

It is a great time for parents to chat, for the kids to play with each other and for both to be involved in the various activities.  Morning tea is fruit for the children and Tea/Coffee for the adults.   There is a nominal charge of $2.00 per family per session.

It is a multi-cultural group and one of the leaders is bi-lingual, speaking Arabic. New families are always welcome.

Contact: Jenny 9793 3898

Pastoral care

Pastoral Care

St. James’ parishioners offer Pastoral Care to fellow members, especially within the various ethnic cultures, by visiting, telephoning and keeping in touch.

The prayer ministry chain is made up of a group of dedicated parishioners who give their time and loving concern to offer immediate prayer when a request is circulated around the chain.

The transport group endeavours to provide lifts to church services for parishioners who are no longer able to drive or have a temporary need for transport to church.
Also those who need a visit from the clergy at home or in hospital should call or ask someone else to call Fr Jeff on 97933898.

Co-ordinator: Marlene 9796 5136, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Monday meals

Monday Meals

The need for a regular midday meal to cater for the hungry, the poor, the disadvantaged and the lonely in the Dandenong area was recognized. Each week between 50 & 60 people are served a two-course meal, prepared by members and friends of St.James’.   

For those who arrive early to enjoy the company of others, morning tea is also provided.    

The financial cost of the Monday Meal is met by funds from the Endeavour Op. Shop and supplemented by donations.

Contact: Alma 9793 3898